Master Plan

The Way Park Master Plan was completed by landscape architect Spencer Jones in January of 2007, and approved by the Northfield City Council on April 16 of that year. Having an approved master plan allows us to work toward the full vision for the Park in affordable stages.

The first step in realizing the master plan was closing West First Street through the park. This step, completed in 2009, restored the land to a single, contiguous park. The second phase – transforming the empty south half of the park – began in August of this year. The project began with regrading and installing paved walkways and the start of what will become two rain gardens. A terraced amphitheater now fills the southwest corner of the park, and several inches of good black dirt have replaced the poor rocky soil. Finally, new grass seed was planted, along with eighteen maples and oaks donated by Leif Knecht.

The current progress has been made possible by Northfield Park funds ($80,000), supplemented by $35,000 raised by the Friends of Way Park. The completion of this foundational work allows the FWP to focus on raising additional funds for more trees, shrubs, and benches to make the south half of the Park as inviting as the north. 

Future plans include enhancing the play equipment, building a picnic pavillion, and creating a hospital memorial garden.

You can find more details about the current work in the park – and find links to PDF files of the master plan, topographic survey, and concept plans – on the City of Northfield website.