Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Annual Meeting: Thursday, June 6

Please join us on Thursday, June 6th at 7 pm for our 2013 Annual Meeting.  We will be meeting in the Fireside Room at St. John’s Church.  Highlights include:
  • Updates on “What’s Next at the park”: kiosks, signage, upgraded baseball diamond, and more
  • Nature play discussion: Join us in imagining what is possible
  • New leadership: While the board membership isn’t changing, we are excited to have Matt Rohn and Anne Berry step into the chair and vice-chair roles, respectively 
As a board, we want to underline our excitement about the Pilot Composting Program that is set to begin with 150 homes surrounding the park! If you are part of the program, you should have already received a letter indicating that your address would be included in part of this pilot. The pilot is scheduled to begin the first week of June and run through the summer. Specific instructions will be included with the compost bins when they are delivered. If you have questions about the program, please contact David Domack at Dick’s Sanitation ( for details. Please help us make this effort successful!