About the FWP Board

Jeremy Braun joined the Friends of Way Park board in 2019

Angie Ekern joined the Friends of Way Park board in 2017

Maggie Epstein enjoys spending time in Way Park with neighbors, friends, and family. Her two children happily jump in leaf piles in fall, ride bikes around the loop in spring, play at the playground in summer, and ice skate in winter. She is an advocate for ensuring the park is a welcoming place for all residents of Northfield. A librarian at St. Olaf, she moved to Northfield in 2014 and joined the board in 2016.

Carol Holly joined the Friends of Way Park board in 2018

Nate Jacobi joined the Friends of Way Park board in 2018

Kirsten Johnson  joined the Friends of Way Park board in 2019

Peder Jothen currently spends numerous hours frolicking with his two children in Way Park. Whether chasing them around the playground, hitting baseballs in the ball park or riding bikes around the loop, the park gives his family and friends an incredibly rich and varied place to build community. His aim on the board is to nurture the sense of adventure that the park offers. A professor at St. Olaf, he moved into the neighborhood in 2012, joining the board in 2016. 

Tom Kotula joined the Friends of Way Park board in 2017

Heidi Rubenstein has lived in Northfield since 2007.  She moved to the West Side with her husband and three young children in 2014 and now lives one block North of Way Park.  She is grateful that just a short jaunt down the hill, the park is available and almost always filled with neighbors and friends enjoying the playground, the chimes, the baseball field that transforms into an ice rink, the open field for kite flying and cloud viewing, the sidewalk loop for bike riding and scootering, and amphitheater which also provides a gentle sledding hill for little people not ready for the Big Hill up the street.  She looks forward to serving on the board and assisting in expanding the park's appeal as a gathering place and contributing in the continuity of the park's place in neighborhood history.

Edward Smith, his wife Amy and their two children moved to Northfield 8 years ago. Edward recognized the role that Way Park has played in their life, as a welcoming meeting place for friends and neighbors, and is working to preserve and grow the park for the future.
Kaley Varley has lived most of her life in Northfield and considers it to be a very special place. She now enjoys living near Way Park and playing there with her young son. She has met many neighbors there and frequently invites other moms to meet at Way Park for playdates, as it is one of the most toddler-friendly playgrounds in town. By serving on the board, Kaley hopes to continue to use Way Park as a resource to build community in Northfield.