Sunday, April 15, 2018

Friends of Way Park (FWP) Metting Minutes February 22, 2018

Friends of Way Park (FWP) Meeting Minutes
Feb 22, 2018
7:30 pm
Ed’s house

Members Present: Peder Jothen (Treasurer), Ed Smith (Chair), Heidi Rubenstein,
Michelle Martin(Secretary), Mary Poole, Maggie Epstein

  1. Approval of Minutes.
  2. Treasurer’s Report
    1. $21,722.06 (includes year end gifts)
    2. $20 discrepancy for outstanding check
    3. Give to the Max Day
      1. 12 Donations - $900
      2. $100 additional direct donation
III. Healthy Activities Fund - Yoga in the Park
  1. Grant Proposal Deadline 2/22/18
  2. Grant submitted several weeks ago by Ed
  3. We’ll find out on March 20
IV. Harkness Picnic Plaza
  1. No News
  2. Paul Harkness has been in touch with Maggie
V. New Business/Ideas
A. Basketball Court
  1. Currently square concrete and hoop is in the court
  2. Adding an additional concrete pad would enable a North/South orientation with two hoops
B. What Do You Want to See in the Park?
  1. Good opportunity to seek feedback from people
  2. Either by e-mail or at the spring event
C.  Low level park needs
  1. Straighten bases and make closer together
  2. Possibly add a bleacher bench for kids to sit on
  3. Replace long picnic table
VII. Website
  1. Ed has looked at website and updated elements that needed updating (names, etc.)
  2. Everyone should look at website and get an idea of what (if anything) might need to be changed.  What purpose should it fulfil
  3. People should give Ed bio