Thursday, January 19, 2017

Friends of Way Park (FWP) Meeting Minutes Oct. 25, 2016

Friends of Way Park Meeting Minutes

October 25, 2016, 7:30pm

Members present: Maggie Epstein, Sara Payne (Vice Chair), Anne Berry (Chair), Mary E (Treasurer), Ed Smith, Cynthia Kauffeld (Secretary), Mary Poole, Peder Jothen

Meeting Location: Co-op meeting room.

  • Lauren (education coordinator for the co-op) and Andrew (an audio technician) to talk about the bee city question for first ten minutes.
  • opportunity to be the first bee city in the state.
  • raising credibility as being a pollinator friendly area. establish a healthy pollinator habitat, ensure survival of animal species, raise awareness of how our food grows – opportunity for education and outreach, improve plant nursery markets. Dissemination of info about best plants. could have a local honey fest 
  • Lauren:  thinks a lot of the community would be supportive of the idea. We’d have cooperating partners within the city – Girl Scouts, the Coop, the Key. Would require holding an annual event – maybe a concert, a gathering in Way Park. The project needs to be sponsored by a non-profit and the Co-op is for profit. FWP and the Garden club also could be partners.
  • Jasper’s replacement starts Nov. 1st.
  • annual fee, but the co-op would cover the cost.

Treasurer’s report:
  • $364.64 left in the Allina grant due to the rain days from yoga. Final bank balance is $16,005.72.
News and updates
  • Yoga – All follow-up paperwork has been submitted. Two dates in spring? Next year? maybe do more dates and add our funds to supplement? spring weather unpredictable too. If we want to do the grant again, the app will come due in Feb or March.
  • ROMP – Stone benches are in place. Grasses in spring (TJ says we need to wait to spring to do this). We have yet to get mallet covers. The tall tubes just don’t sound that good – they have to be hit perfectly to sound right.
Pumpkin Fest/ROMP dedication of Music Plaza.
  • If anyone can come at 4:30 to get set up that would be helpful. facepainting and art project in warming house. Pumpkin carving. Monster puppets in warminghouse. Apples with caramel, hot apple cider. Anne has the microphone and will charge it. Fire pit. Cynthia will bring wood. Older kids to do the apples again. Tools and tarp for carving. What do we do if it rains? If light rain, go ahead, hard rain: cancel. Formal invitations went to park board, arts commission, art teachers, etc. See Google planning doc for what’s left to do.
Give to the Max day – Nov 17th
  • Using Pumpkin Fest to educate public about future plans? Vote with spare change game?
  • We should try to grow the mailing list – have quarter sheet with Give MN info, but not hit it hard for fundraising at this event. Discussion of the picnic tables, re-doing the patio area near the playground – make it more useable; maybe a sidewalk connecting that side of the park.
  • Pea gravel and border of playground – in a two-year time frame for removal . Playground – a 6-year time frame – this according to Jasper. We should go to park, look at this, go to Jasper’s replacement and see what he thinks, maybe ask him to come to one of our meetings.  He starts Nov. 1st. Wanda is their secretary, friendly and a good contact.
Looking farther ahead
  • Winter events
  • Spring events
  • Bee City
  • Park designs
Task handoff – from Anne to others
  • Mailing list (an excel document – names and addresses from long ago, plus new emails as they get added) – Anne would be happy if someone else wanted to take on that task.  (gmail, communications, etc.)  Maggie volunteers.
  • Agendas
  • Equipment – microphone – Anne will pass it to Mary.
  • City relationships
  • Treasurer? Peder volunteers to take over from Mary E. at the end of the year when her term is up.
  • Technology?  Ed will put something together around re-doing the website for one of our upcoming meetings. Sara will look into why she can’t post photos to our FB page. Ed checks and it looks like anyone should be able to. Blogspot is horrible to use. Discussion of whether or not it’s worth it to switch to a different blog site – like wordpress. Need to identify what we really want the website to be in order to find the best program for doing it. E.g., how much is it going to be updated? Anne will look into the requirements of being a non-profit to make sure we know what is needed there.