Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Friends of Way Park (FWP) Meeting Minutes Apr. 19th, 2016

Friends of Way Park (FWP) Meeting Minutes
Apr. 19th, 2016, 7:30 pm

FWP Members Present: Anne Berry (Chair), Mary Emery (Treasurer), Mary Steen (Vice Chair), Mary Poole, Keith Covey, Cynthia Kauffeld (Secretary), Matt Rohn, Ed Smith, Michelle Martin

Meeting location: Mary Steen’s house.

I. Website:

  • some discussion of Blogspot, our website (which is a rather cumbersome system to use, although probably not worth changing to something else) and where the minutes and different components should go. It was decided to leave current minutes where they are, on first page you see (the “home” tab).

II. Treasurer’s report:

  • Mary E handed out a revised report for 2015 that reflected some corrections to expenditures related to the Rotary funding; also passed out a new report for 2016 that shows the Allina grant received.
  • Current balance: $16,040.98

III. The music plaza:

  • Jasper has the final budget for plaza; he is getting three bids and City will decide.
  • Discussion on the placement of the quotes and number of quotes. We decided to go with four quotes.

IV. Closet and Kiosk:

  • Anne will get in touch with Scott Swanson about these two projects. 
  • the door on the north kiosk got blown off in a storm, Mary P has the parts in her garage. The lock for this one keeps disappearing.

V. Outdoor Day (May 1, 1-3 pm):

  • Science Alliance, Waxwing Farms, confirmed.
  • Bob Bjorkland and the drummers can’t come this year. Cliff Martin may be able to come.
  • Mary P will do an art project, possibly May baskets.
  • Matt will have a sustainability table, with Community Solar info and pollinator garden info.
  • Mary P will get the poster to Anne for printing. Cynthia will translate it to Spanish.
  • Anne will check on the Girl Scouts and volleyball, and also slack-lining.
  • should we check to see if the library could have a presence? they’re busy with the grand re-opening preparations. Mary S will check.
  • we could have attendees do park clean up at the same time (parents, especially).
  • Michelle will check with Gear Resource.
  • Anne will check with Police regarding bike safety and registration.
  • Keith will be out of town.
  • Michelle will reserve the park.

VI. Misc.

  • July 28-31 Vintage Band festival
  • next meeting we’ll talk about yoga
  • Sat. June 4th is Volunteer Day
  • Matt’s daughter wrote up a proposal to Rotary to fill in the open spot in the south garden as a pollinator garden, will take approx $600 for the flowers.
  • Mary S and Matt leaving the board this year after three terms; ideally we should have a board of ten so add possible members to the google doc.
  • be in touch with Anne if your 2-year term is ending and you’re not planning to continue.