Thursday, April 28, 2016

Explore the Outdoors, our Spring day of outdoor fun, is almost here!

Come join your neighbors this Sunday, May 1st, from 1 to 3pm at Way Park for fun and lemonade!

There will be art projects, science and farm activities.
Bike maintenance, registration, and decoration.
Volleyball, kickball and other sports.
Plus, there will be information about community solar,
pollinator gardens, and the new outdoor musical plaza.

Friends of Way Park (FWP) Meeting Minutes Mar. 14th, 2016

Friends of Way Park (FWP) Meeting Minutes
Mar. 14th, 2016, 7:30 pm

FWP Members Present: Anne Berry (Chair), Mary Emery (Treasurer), Mary Steen (Vice Chair), Mary Poole, Keith Covey, Cynthia Kauffeld (Secretary), Matt Rohn, Ed Smith, Michelle Martin, Mary Cisar; Cindy Carlson for ROMP present for the first half-hour.

Meeting location: Anne’s house.

I. ROMP update (Cindy Carlson)

  • Anne spoke with Jasper today, the instruments have been ordered (bases are green, tops alternate between moss-colored and taupe). Jasper is ready to receive the money from us. Cindy will check in with Barry to see if the Rotary grant money ($15,000) has to pass through us first or if it can be paid directly to the City.
  • The SEMAC grant ($10,000) funds have come to us, so we will pass them on to the City.
  • We will also pass on the money raised by the music concert last year (approximately $1600) as well as the $5,000 that FWP pledged toward the project (we have already spent $2, 085 of this amount on the Concept plan, so we will forward the balance on to the City). We will write a check for this at the end of the meeting.

  • Discussion of the paver colors for the music plaza. Two choices. Plus background cement color. Anne will put the samples out in the park so we can walk through and get a sense of which would look best with the existing park wall.

  • Discussion of having quotes related to music stamped in the cement around the plaza. Cindy passed out a handout with some possible citations for this purpose. General agreement about this; consensus that they should be relatively short quotes. They’ll need to be chosen by the end of March. We will circulate the final possibilities via email so that we can vote on them. Cindy will check in with Liz Shepley who might be a good resource for these.
  • Discussion of possible wording for a plaque or other commemorative acknowledgement for the funders.  

II. Treasurer's report
  • Mary E passed out copies of the report. Balance is $22,436.98.She will amend the report to move the Fireflies Play Environment expenditure from the ROMP section to the regular section of our spending, as it is related to the nature play plan, and not the music plaza.
  • There have been difficulties with the Oracle website (and Amazon Smiles, as a possible source of matching funds to whom someone named FWP as a recipient) and there was consensus that it is not worth our (Mary’s) time at this point, so no need for her to go to further trouble setting up an account.

III. Events reports
  • “Cocoa Day” was a success, perhaps we should do “Lemonade Day” in the spring or summer.
  • Yoga: we got the Allina grant again, for 8 sessions. The specifications of the grant would like to see the same people to attend each week (there will be a drawing for a gift card from Heartwork from among those who attend 6 times). We’ll shoot for 9 am Saturdays again, in August and September. Ed will get the word out already so people have it on their radar.
    • Katie Felland is interested in teaching again, and she’d like to share the job with another instructor. Mary P will check on this.
  • Outdoor Day: discussion of possible dates. Sunday, May 1st, 1- 4 pm is chosen.
    • maybe Maypole, May baskets, plantings, Science Alliance, Bike Northfield for tune-ups…
    • will be canceled if bad weather.
    • Suzie Nakasian is interested in doing some kind of “east meets west” event – perhaps this event could be advertised on the east side too.
    • discussion of creating a pollinator garden: Beth Kallsted (sp?), as part of Rotary is interested in promoting this and supporting this in the park. Perhaps we could have some kind of information on this at Outdoor Day. There is room for more planting in the south rain garden where the Girl Scouts started a pollinator garden before. We need to have a way to maintain it. Matt will contact Beth.
    • it would be good to have coordination of volunteer efforts. 
    • maybe we should have a volunteer weeding training? one of them could be at outdoor day? and possibly instructions posted in the kiosks?
IV. Web report
  • Ed will update the site with the meeting minutes; he’ll also do brief blasts about the different upcoming events as appropriate: yoga, outdoor day, pollinator gardens, etc.

V. Building report 
  • No news on the closet in the warming house, or the kiosk. Anne will get in touch with Scott Swanson.

VI. Park Board report
  • Anne will find out if there is a meeting this Thurs and let Mary S know, as she would be able to attend.

VII. Next meeting: April 19th 7:30 pm Mary Steen’s house.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Friends of Way Park (FWP) Meeting Minutes Jan. 19th, 2016

Friends of Way Park (FWP) Meeting Minutes
Jan. 19th, 2016, 7:30 pm

FWP Members Present: Anne Berry (Chair), Mary Emery (Treasurer), Mary Steen (Vice Chair), Mary Poole, Keith Covey, Cynthia Kauffeld (Secretary), Matt Rohn, Ed Smith.

Meeting location: Just Food Co-op meeting room.

A. Treasurer's report. 
Balance $30, 737.48. Total donations for the year were $2350. Give MN donations were more than $1000 this year. 

B. Building report.
Kiosks and closet. Matt talked to Scott Swanson, and Scott has submitted an estimate for the kiosk to TJ, which was then submitted to City Hall. So it’s moving forward. 

Re the closet: TJ has $600 to contribute towards it. Scott will look at the plan from Keith and give an estimate to TJ and to Anne before moving forward, and he will look into material for the door to hold against kids kicking it in with skates. Some discussion of whether a light in the closet is necessary but general consensus that we can get by without one to keep costs low. 

C. ROMP update.

Cindy and Barry Carlson and Jasper Kruegel (project coordinator) and Dave Bennett (new city engineer) and Anne and Matt had a really productive meeting. The City is going to do all the project management; they may even do some landscaping around the instruments. We won’t know what the costs are going to be until March, and we will know about a pending Union Pacific grant application then as well. The City will do the purchasing, and then we will reimburse them. The $15,000 Rotary money will have to come to us first anyway.  There needs to be a down payment of half of the price before they can actually be ordered. The City is going to work with the design that Camille did  as the instruments are installed and the surrounding area is landscaped. They should work directly with Camille on this and don’t need to go through us. 

We had put $1500 aside for screening trees  - then Distads didn’t want the trees, but then they moved…now that money could be used to assure the landscaping around the cement area of the instruments.

D. Park Board news.

Mary S attended a previous park board meeting, and there is another one this Thurs. at 7 pm that Mary S can’t go to. Anne will try to go to it. It’s at the police station. In case Jasper mentions this, or if TJ is there, to ask him about liability, etc., it would be good to have someone there from FWP. (This mtg was later canceled for lack of quorum).

E. Website

Thoughts about keeping it current: yoga is most recent thing on website right now, which was a  long time ago.  We will maybe put up old photos from winters past – maybe have quarterly photos for website. We’ve been using Facebook a lot  more, making the website fall to the back burner but we still should make sure it’s up-to-date.

We may have a spontaneous cocoa and skating event, and just advertise a few days ahead. Mary P will check weather and if it looks good, she’ll alert rest of board, especially Anne and Ed, to get the word out on FB, website, and email. She’ll arrange for the cocoa; if it works out we could get the fire ring from Michelle to use.  Maybe Feb 6th or 13th.

F. Yoga. Anne got the information for the Allina grant, due Feb 1st. Anne will fill it out with essentially the same  information as last year, but based on the past success of the event, we’ll  ask for funding for 8 weeks instead of 6. We could try to apply for funding for other events as well; discussion of trying to do something with  maybe with bikes? We can apply for up to 3 activities.  Maybe have a bunch of striders for little kids available for an afternoon?  Maybe contact Bike Northfield –is the contact  Laura Decker?  Matt will check on the name. 

G. Found key. no one has claimed the car key found in the park last fall after pumpkin fest.

H. Next meeting – Feb. 16th. 7:30 pm at Keith’s. 

Friends of Way Park (FWP) Meeting Minutes Nov. 17th, 2015

Friends of Way Park (FWP) Meeting Minutes
Nov. 17th, 2015, 7:30 pm

FWP Members Present: Anne Berry (Chair), Mary Emery (Treasurer), Mary Steen (Vice Chair), Mary Cisar, Mary Poole, Keith Covey, Cynthia Kauffeld (Secretary), Matt Rohn.

Meeting location: Mary Poole’s house.

A. Treasurer's report. 
● Mary E shared paper copies of the monthly report. Current balance is $29,218.86. Our total Give to the Max donations are not yet known.

B. Reflections on the retreat
● Michelle will type up our notes from the retreat at Mary C’s. The format of the retreat was helpful in organizing our priorities and roles on the board.

C. Kiosk news
● We need to keep content updated. Mary C will check with David about working up a “Did you know…” type of poster for the kiosks.

● Replacement of 2nd Street kiosk: the City has the damaged kiosk; we will contact Scott Swanson to get an estimate for the replacement costs, which will be covered by the driver’s vehicle insurance.
D. Warming house 

● TJ Heinricy was in favor of us going ahead and having a closet built inside the warming house; he is interested in having a metal-lined door to deter vandalism. Keith has checked with Scott Swanson and he is willing to do the job.  Board approves the cost expenditure of up to approximately $1500.

● Mary P has located a wall of cubbies we could have that could be used for storing skates if we were to get a skate-lending program going. It sounds like from the City’s perspective, and the question of liability, such a program would have to be located at the ice arena, however.

E. Vintage Band Festival 

● The Vintage Band Festival (Paul Niemisto) would like to have a liaison from our board to assist with their planning and some volunteers to help during the festival this summer. Board members who have participated in the past noted that there seemed to be a surplus of volunteers so it is not clear how much we are needed beyond providing a connection to the park. We will help with publicity, Anne will be the contact person. 

F. Master plan “report”

● Matt, Mary C and Keith talked a bit about what they’ve learned in checking on this, they will report more at the Feb meeting. 

G. Musical Plaza

● The current choice for the instruments for the park is the Premium Ensemble. The City will likely order the instruments in January, so if we would like to go with an alternative collection, we will need to get in touch with them soon.

H. Future meetings. We will not meet in December but will resume meeting on the third Tuesday evening in January.

Friends of Way Park (FWP) Meeting Minutes Oct. 13th, 2015

Friends of Way Park (FWP) Meeting Minutes
Oct. 13th, 2015, 7:30 p.m.

FWP Members Present: Matt Rohn, Anne Berry (Chair), Mary Steen (Vice Chair), Cynthia Kauffeld (Secretary), Mary Emery (Treasurer), Edward Smith, Michelle Martin, Mary Cisar, Mary Poole, Keith Covey.
Meeting location: the Hideaway.
A. Treasurer’s report: Mary Emery passed around paper copies of the monthly report. Current balance is $28,922.71.
B. Fall Festival update: Mary P. Pumpkin carving, ready to go. Parade, apples and caramel, all set. Tables from Matt’s garage. Face painting and an art project in warming house, all set. Bonfire. Mary P will bring wood, Michelle will bring fire ring and matches. The drummers will be there in time for the parade. Posters are up around downtown. We should put membership materials in warming hut and on apple table instead of a separate table. We’ll put out the sandwich boards. Mary P. may pass the wagon on to Keith for storage after this event due to space needs in her garage. Michelle has light-up bracelets and will bring them. Mary P will get supplies to add hot apple cider  this year. We could use camping lanterns, bring them if you have them. Anne will call TJ to arrange to get the warming house unlocked. Ed and Anne will send the first email blast and take care of the FB post. On Friday Ed will do a slideshow post on FB. We should all bring our cameras.  Anne distributed fliers among board membrers to put up in additional spots around town.
C. Give MN is Nov 12th: We need to define our fundraising: what are we raising money for? The healing garden, for example. We have enough funding so we don’t need to have the fundraising target be the instruments. Ed gave a quick run-down of the process for setting up Give MN site (there are various options and details on the long checklist Give Mn provides, such as looking for matching grants, and setting up customized receipts). He will take care of setting this up but will be gone in November so someone else will need to manage it then. 
D. Storage update. Keith checked on options for long-term storage of our FWP equipment. The hospital will not let us use the ambulance house, so another thought is getting permission to construct an interior closet in a corner of the warming house. We would need a space of a  minimum of 4’ x 6’  to house our supplies, and would likely cost on the order of $1,000. The board agreed that Keith should pursue this possibility with the city (TJ). We would have to have access to the warming house, perhaps there could be a combination lock such as those on the kiosks. 
E. Liability. Keith and Anne started looking into this.  There is a place on the city website addressing this issue, and it looks like as long as our events are carried out with the city’s knowledge and approval, it looks like we are covered under their umbrella policy. Long ago, FWP gave the city a $100 check as a sort of damage deposit, which they keep on hand for future events as needed (it has not been needed yet).  Michelle typically fills out the City paperwork for our events under the “neighborhood” events category, which is free. Michelle also calls the fire dept. to let them know about the bonfire.
F. Retreat. Sunday, Nov. 1st, 2-4 pm at Mary Cisar’s. Anne and Michelle shared a facilitation technique (the World CafĂ© model ) and there was discussion of this method of discussion and the possible agenda items for the retreat. Michelle will take the lead as far as guiding the discussion, with Anne’s collaboration.  In preparation for the retreat, we should all take a look at the google doc about FWP priorities and duties again. Anne will re-send us the link .

G. City updates. Matt passes out some paperwork regarding the status of funding for ROMP. It seems like things are moving forward, and it looks now a little more like a city project than a FWP one, although there are many little details to getting things done. The instruments must be ordered in January (Anne has talked with Jasper about this), so that construction can start next spring.  As things stand, we are set to order the big ensemble combination of five instruments, but we could still shift things around and choose different instruments and/or purchase them “a la carte”, if our thoughts have shifted at all after having seen the installation at the zoo and some other places.  We should make a decision about this at the next meeting. Anne will send again the locations of the parks that have these instruments: the zoo, Maple Grove, Jackson Sq Park, etc.