Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Friends of Way Park (FWP) Meeting Minutes Nov. 17th, 2015

Friends of Way Park (FWP) Meeting Minutes
Nov. 17th, 2015, 7:30 pm

FWP Members Present: Anne Berry (Chair), Mary Emery (Treasurer), Mary Steen (Vice Chair), Mary Cisar, Mary Poole, Keith Covey, Cynthia Kauffeld (Secretary), Matt Rohn.

Meeting location: Mary Poole’s house.

A. Treasurer's report. 
● Mary E shared paper copies of the monthly report. Current balance is $29,218.86. Our total Give to the Max donations are not yet known.

B. Reflections on the retreat
● Michelle will type up our notes from the retreat at Mary C’s. The format of the retreat was helpful in organizing our priorities and roles on the board.

C. Kiosk news
● We need to keep content updated. Mary C will check with David about working up a “Did you know…” type of poster for the kiosks.

● Replacement of 2nd Street kiosk: the City has the damaged kiosk; we will contact Scott Swanson to get an estimate for the replacement costs, which will be covered by the driver’s vehicle insurance.
D. Warming house 

● TJ Heinricy was in favor of us going ahead and having a closet built inside the warming house; he is interested in having a metal-lined door to deter vandalism. Keith has checked with Scott Swanson and he is willing to do the job.  Board approves the cost expenditure of up to approximately $1500.

● Mary P has located a wall of cubbies we could have that could be used for storing skates if we were to get a skate-lending program going. It sounds like from the City’s perspective, and the question of liability, such a program would have to be located at the ice arena, however.

E. Vintage Band Festival 

● The Vintage Band Festival (Paul Niemisto) would like to have a liaison from our board to assist with their planning and some volunteers to help during the festival this summer. Board members who have participated in the past noted that there seemed to be a surplus of volunteers so it is not clear how much we are needed beyond providing a connection to the park. We will help with publicity, Anne will be the contact person. 

F. Master plan “report”

● Matt, Mary C and Keith talked a bit about what they’ve learned in checking on this, they will report more at the Feb meeting. 

G. Musical Plaza

● The current choice for the instruments for the park is the Premium Ensemble. The City will likely order the instruments in January, so if we would like to go with an alternative collection, we will need to get in touch with them soon.

H. Future meetings. We will not meet in December but will resume meeting on the third Tuesday evening in January.