Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Friends of Way Park (FWP) Meeting Minutes Oct. 13th, 2015

Friends of Way Park (FWP) Meeting Minutes
Oct. 13th, 2015, 7:30 p.m.

FWP Members Present: Matt Rohn, Anne Berry (Chair), Mary Steen (Vice Chair), Cynthia Kauffeld (Secretary), Mary Emery (Treasurer), Edward Smith, Michelle Martin, Mary Cisar, Mary Poole, Keith Covey.
Meeting location: the Hideaway.
A. Treasurer’s report: Mary Emery passed around paper copies of the monthly report. Current balance is $28,922.71.
B. Fall Festival update: Mary P. Pumpkin carving, ready to go. Parade, apples and caramel, all set. Tables from Matt’s garage. Face painting and an art project in warming house, all set. Bonfire. Mary P will bring wood, Michelle will bring fire ring and matches. The drummers will be there in time for the parade. Posters are up around downtown. We should put membership materials in warming hut and on apple table instead of a separate table. We’ll put out the sandwich boards. Mary P. may pass the wagon on to Keith for storage after this event due to space needs in her garage. Michelle has light-up bracelets and will bring them. Mary P will get supplies to add hot apple cider  this year. We could use camping lanterns, bring them if you have them. Anne will call TJ to arrange to get the warming house unlocked. Ed and Anne will send the first email blast and take care of the FB post. On Friday Ed will do a slideshow post on FB. We should all bring our cameras.  Anne distributed fliers among board membrers to put up in additional spots around town.
C. Give MN is Nov 12th: We need to define our fundraising: what are we raising money for? The healing garden, for example. We have enough funding so we don’t need to have the fundraising target be the instruments. Ed gave a quick run-down of the process for setting up Give MN site (there are various options and details on the long checklist Give Mn provides, such as looking for matching grants, and setting up customized receipts). He will take care of setting this up but will be gone in November so someone else will need to manage it then. 
D. Storage update. Keith checked on options for long-term storage of our FWP equipment. The hospital will not let us use the ambulance house, so another thought is getting permission to construct an interior closet in a corner of the warming house. We would need a space of a  minimum of 4’ x 6’  to house our supplies, and would likely cost on the order of $1,000. The board agreed that Keith should pursue this possibility with the city (TJ). We would have to have access to the warming house, perhaps there could be a combination lock such as those on the kiosks. 
E. Liability. Keith and Anne started looking into this.  There is a place on the city website addressing this issue, and it looks like as long as our events are carried out with the city’s knowledge and approval, it looks like we are covered under their umbrella policy. Long ago, FWP gave the city a $100 check as a sort of damage deposit, which they keep on hand for future events as needed (it has not been needed yet).  Michelle typically fills out the City paperwork for our events under the “neighborhood” events category, which is free. Michelle also calls the fire dept. to let them know about the bonfire.
F. Retreat. Sunday, Nov. 1st, 2-4 pm at Mary Cisar’s. Anne and Michelle shared a facilitation technique (the World CafĂ© model ) and there was discussion of this method of discussion and the possible agenda items for the retreat. Michelle will take the lead as far as guiding the discussion, with Anne’s collaboration.  In preparation for the retreat, we should all take a look at the google doc about FWP priorities and duties again. Anne will re-send us the link .

G. City updates. Matt passes out some paperwork regarding the status of funding for ROMP. It seems like things are moving forward, and it looks now a little more like a city project than a FWP one, although there are many little details to getting things done. The instruments must be ordered in January (Anne has talked with Jasper about this), so that construction can start next spring.  As things stand, we are set to order the big ensemble combination of five instruments, but we could still shift things around and choose different instruments and/or purchase them “a la carte”, if our thoughts have shifted at all after having seen the installation at the zoo and some other places.  We should make a decision about this at the next meeting. Anne will send again the locations of the parks that have these instruments: the zoo, Maple Grove, Jackson Sq Park, etc.